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“Monna Caterina” is the name of Leonardo Da Vinci mother,
which for us represents the starting point.

We are honoured to produce wines in the house that was once where Leonardo took his first steps as child and is a true privilege and source of great inspiration for us. Given that Monna Caterina lived here in Mattoni, it moved us to dedicate our first wine to the most important figure in the life of the “genius”.

This wine is our first creation and from which all the rest will come – the start of a great adventure in the vine and viticulture world.
Monna Caterina’s 2017 grape harvest is in praise for Vinci’s land, where the fruity and harmonious “Sangiovese” has been cultivated for centuries.
The grapes are hand-picked and then put into boxes, the best bunches are selected and then de-stemmed and crushed, after which spontaneous fermentation begins in our historic cement tanks.

The maceration, which is the contact of the liquid with the grape peels, is short and ensures a correct tannic extraction and future softness to the palate.
Alcoholic fermentation is completed and the clarification process takes place in the cement tanks. After 5 months the wine is bottled. A further refinement is to allow the wine in the bottle to settle for a further 4 months.
This is the right blend to preserve the original “Sangiovese” fruit, by preserving its freshness while mantaining the soft and elegant tannins.


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